Technical Services


Data Analytics

  • using data analytics and visualizations to drive improvements in application performance
  • analysing web site logs to identify patterns of user intent and behaviour

Software Development

  • high quality software development using Python and JavaScript 
  • library and tool development (in Python, BASH, ZSH, Apache ANT)
  • micro services development in a GitOps environment using Docker, GoCD and Kubernetes
  • AWS Lambda development in Python
  • creating team development standards and guidelines, including versioning and documentation policies

Enterprise Architecture

  • design, promotion and governance of enterprise architectures (including TOGAF 9.1 certification)
  • communication of enterprise architecture principles, concepts, benefits and requirements
  • design and communication of information architecture policies and requirements
  • producing ontologies, taxonomies and other controlled vocabularies
  • using, supporting and training other users in architecture modelling tools

XML Consulting

  • development of Schematron code libraries for content production pipelines
  • development of XSLT transforms
  • XML schema development and design
  • XML schema guideline development and technical reviews

R&D Innovation

  • Pharmaceutical and engineering managment in R&D Innovation
  • Multinational contract managment
  • University level teaching and training in medicine and engineering
  • Assessments and analytics as clinician scientist

6 St Thomas Close, Chilworth, Guildford, United Kingdom GU4 8LQ
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